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Videos Worth Watching

 Michèle @ the 2019 Culture Summit

Adam Grant's Give and Take: Adam Grant has spent years studying relationships at work, and specifically how Givers, Takers, and Matchers fare in the workplace. Across all areas of business, he's found that givers are both the highest and lowest rated populations. He makes the case that nice guys can finish first and "giving" more in the workplace can lead to longterm success.

Brené Brown has many extremely helpful videos to help us understand and improve our relationship to Vulnerability, Shame, and Trust.

The writer, Anne Lamott's, beautiful dive into the nuance of living well: 12 Truth I Learned from Life and Writing.

Ron Gutman on the hidden Power of Smiling

Robert Waldiger's seminal talk on What Makes for a Good Life from the Harvard longevity study on happiness.

Tali Sharot on the mixed blessing of Optimism.

Florence Williams' explorations on the incredible power of Nature to ameliorate much of what is awry in modern life: it takes just five minutes to get a boost.

Adam Alter on Why our Screens Make us Less Happy.

Julia Dhar on how to disagree productivelyhow to disagree productively. Something we all need to work on.

On the power of Meditation.


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