Michèle M. Taipale

I am a creative and ardent advocate for human potential: a catalyst for exceptional performance. I combine a pragmatic worldview with a joyful curiosity about the vagaries of human behavior.

I work with high achievers who want to become more powerful, intentional and effective leaders in all realms of their lives; a thought partner who helps leaders of impact throughout the world challenge themselves to take their careers and their companies to the next level. 

With a broad range of experience, from entrepreneur to strategy consultant to mindfulness and positivity scholar, I help you see professional and personal challenges from many perspectives and provide unique insights. I bring compassion, intelligence, humor and energy, and a full spectrum of tools to help you evolve as a leader not only at work but also in your family, in your community and in your own life.

I am a Leadership coach for The Wharton Executive MBA program and The Coaching Fellowship, and a mentor with Women Unlimited, Inc. I am advisor and coach to many young founders and innovators of pro-social companies such as Copia’s Komal Ahmad (Toyota Mother of Invention, Forbes 30 under 30) and Kidogo’s Sabrina Habib (winner of the Unilever Young Entrepreneur Awards).

I received my MBA from The Wharton School, an MA in International Affairs from the University of Pennsylvania and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Montana. I am a fellow of the Lauder Institute and have been a member of Ellen Langer's Mindfulness Lab in the Psychology Department at Harvard University. I am a certified Happiness Advantage Coach with Shawn Achor's GoodThink, Inc., and a certified Motivation Factor Practitioner. I am certified with The Coaches Training Institute, and am a founding coach of the The Coaching Fellowship. I have an extensive international background and speak English, French, and German.

Learn more about the company my husband, Robert Ellis, and I steward together, the container for all of our work: Futurosity

Learn more about my business focused on the relational aspect of our lives, from the bedroom to the boardroom: Sex, Love & Leadership

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